Overfitting occurs when you tailor your algo trading strategy to historical market data excessively, capturing noise and random fluctuations as if they were meaningful trends. This leads to the strategy not working as expected when deployed for live trading. Overfitting is likely the primary reason why people claim that backtesting is ineffective. However, in reality, backtesting does work; you simply need to ensure that you prevent overfitting, which is what this article is about.

Version 0.45.0 of Jesse brings a mix of improvements and fixes, addressing specific errors and introducing exciting new features. I want to express my gratitude to all users who contributed feedback, with special thanks to...

As the holiday season approaches, I’m excited to share an exclusive Black Friday offer that I hope will bring joy to the Jesse community. Your ongoing support has been instrumental in Jesse's growth, and this is my way of saying a huge thank you.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey. Your feedback, both heartwarming and constructively critical, was invaluable, though I noticed the participation was lower than expected. Maybe it's reflective of the current market trend. I found the survey a great way to understand what you, the users, prioritize the most.

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I'm thrilled to unveil Version 0.43.3 of Jesse. This release focuses on significant improvements and new additions, especially for those using Bybit. I'm back to work full-time following my successful recovery from CTS and eager to roll out some exciting new updates. So, let's delve into what's new and what's next.

Version 0.43.0 of Jesse is now out, and I'm excited to share the updates with you. This release introduces support for Python 3.10 and 3.11, an uplift to the equity curve chart, and several important bug fixes, particularly for those trading on DYDX.

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Version 0.42.0 of Jesse is now released with new features and bug fixes. The most notable feature is the support for [DYDX](https://jesse.trade/dydx), a decentralized exchange that offers fast, secure, and low-cost perpetual trading. This release also fixes some errors related to Bybit and local candle generation, and improves the order type detection and execution logic.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a great time with your family and friends. To put it mildly, 2022 was a crazy (bad) year for my personal life, and I think it was for so many others as well. Thank god it's over. ## What's next? I've been working on adding DEX support for weeks now. The first DEX driver coming is...

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I’m sorry about anyone who lost money on the FTX exchange. I cannot imagine it. It sucks and it shouldn’t have happened especially on an exchange that was thought to be the most regulated crypto exchange. I want to share my thoughts about exchanges for trading, and decentralized exchanges, and also share a few tips on how to stay a little safer in case of this kind of disaster happens in the future.

This is a huge release. It marks a new partnership with Bitget, the current fastest-growing crypto exchange.

Today I released version `0.40.0` of the framework and the live plugin. This release includes many bug fixes and improvements along with a few new features and two small breaking changes with hopefully doesn't affect most of you. I must mention, the previous release included a huge refactor which turned out to raise some issues. Based on the reports I received from you guys I fixed them and also did some other improvements. There's also a new feature that is helpful for those writing multiple strategies that are related to each other. Here's the summary of what's new:

Hey guys, I finally finished the update I've been working on for quite a while now. This is a huge update for live traders. ## What's new? First things first, here's what's new: