Version 0.49.0: New DEX driver, new indicators, bug fixes, sneak peek at the upcoming dashboard, removing Bitget, and more
I'm excited to announce the release of Jesse version 0.49.0, packed with new features, improvements, and fixes. Let's dive in:

Version 0.48.0: Performance Boost, improved research module, articles, user profile, $100 giveaway, and more
Version 0.48.0 of Jesse is now available, featuring several improvements, fixes, and new features. This release includes significant performance boosts, enhanced error messages, and other updates to improve your overall experience with Jesse.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Algo Trading Metrics
When it comes to algo-trading, having a well-performing strategy is key. But how can you tell if your strategy is actually performing well? Of course, by backtesting it and then reading the performance metrics. However, some of those metrics can be daunting to some. So, I decided to write this article and walk you through an example, describing every single metric.

v0.47.0: Improvements, Spot support and USDC contracts on Bybit, and More
**Jesse v0.47.0 Release: New features, improvements, and a fix! Lower fees for Bybit Futures, new exchange drivers for spot trading and USDC perpetual contracts. Special shout-out to ByBit for their impressive API stability and support. Coming soon: ApexPro DEX driver and new TypeScript dashboard.

Important: 2FA Security Update, Exciting Site Enhancements, and new pricing plans
Our platform has recently undergone an important security update, upgrading our two-step authentication system to better protect your account. As a result, we kindly ask you to reset your 2FA settings for added security. But that's not all - we've also added some exciting new features, including a new strategy listing page, new pricing options, and a revamped referral program.

Upcoming New Pricing Model and a Special Discount for the Current Lifetime Plan
I am excited to announce that we are transitioning from a lifetime-based license to a subscription model for the live trading plugin. This change is aimed at making Jesse more accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. However, if you prefer to stick with a lifetime plan, now is the time. In fact, I am offering a **50% discount** to you all until the new pricing model is put into effect. This means you can purchase the lifetime plan for only **$800 instead of $1600**.

Jesse version 0.46.0 is out
The new website has been deployed. However, the strategies page has a few bugs that need fixing, and I also need to add new strategies. This will take a few days. Once it's done, I will send an email listing the changes on the new website. The main goal of this release was to ensure that your previous sessions are working as expected and to implement a few fixes.

Why is overfitting the enemy of algo-trading strategies, and how to avoid it
Overfitting occurs when you tailor your algo trading strategy to historical market data excessively, capturing noise and random fluctuations as if they were meaningful trends. This leads to the strategy not working as expected when deployed for live trading. Overfitting is likely the primary reason why people claim that backtesting is ineffective. However, in reality, backtesting does work; you simply need to ensure that you prevent overfitting, which is what this article is about.

Jesse v0.45.0: New Features, Fixes, and Introducing Jesse GPT for Strategy Development
Version 0.45.0 of Jesse brings a mix of improvements and fixes, addressing specific errors and introducing exciting new features. I want to express my gratitude to all users who contributed feedback, with special thanks to...

🖤 Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Access to Jesse's Live-Trade Plugin for Only $599!
As the holiday season approaches, I’m excited to share an exclusive Black Friday offer that I hope will bring joy to the Jesse community. Your ongoing support has been instrumental in Jesse's growth, and this is my way of saying a huge thank you.

🚀 Jesse Version 0.44.0: Survey Insights, Black Friday Deal, and Significant Updates
A big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey. Your feedback, both heartwarming and constructively critical, was invaluable, though I noticed the participation was lower than expected. Maybe it's reflective of the current market trend. I found the survey a great way to understand what you, the users, prioritize the most.

Share Your Jesse Experience and Win a $1600 License!
I greatly appreciate your time and opinions. To express my gratitude for sharing your insights and completing this survey, I'm excited to inform you that your participation automatically enters you into a draw for a free Live Trading Plug-In license, valued at $1600. In case you already own license, I will double your IP limits.

Jesse Version "0.43.3": Bybit API Upgrades 🛠️, DYDX Fixes 📈, Halloween "Spooky" Discount 🎃, and More
I'm thrilled to unveil Version 0.43.3 of Jesse. This release focuses on significant improvements and new additions, especially for those using Bybit. I'm back to work full-time following my successful recovery from CTS and eager to roll out some exciting new updates. So, let's delve into what's new and what's next.

Jesse Version 0.43.0: Python 3.10 & 3.11 Support, Enhanced Equity Curve Visualization, and Bug Fixes
Version 0.43.0 of Jesse is now out, and I'm excited to share the updates with you. This release introduces support for Python 3.10 and 3.11, an uplift to the equity curve chart, and several important bug fixes, particularly for those trading on DYDX.

Jesse's Code & Save Event: Special 3-Day Programmer's Day Offer! 💾🥳
In celebration of Programmer's Day, I'm offering a special discount on the lifetime premium license of the live-trade plugin. Grab it for just $900, down from the usual $1600. This exclusive offer is valid for the next 3 days.