Terms of Service

Jesse.Trade provides you with a continuous, non-exclusive license to utilize the "live trade" plugin for the Jesse trading bot, accessible via Jesse.Trade.


The software offered (including the live trading plugin and accompanying strategies) is strictly for educational purposes. UTILIZE THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. THE CREATORS AND ANY AFFILIATES DISCLAIM LIABILITY FOR YOUR TRADING OUTCOMES. Only trade with funds you can afford to lose. Begin with simulated trading on testnet exchanges or with demo funds. The software may contain bugs and is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

Standard License

This license authorizes a single user (the Licensee) to install and operate the software. Use is restricted by a concurrent session limit tied to your IP addresses, with a current maximum of 2—one for development purposes and another for your production server.

You may:

  • Operate the package to manage an unlimited number of strategies, currencies, exchanges, crypto exchange accounts, and sub-accounts.
  • Install and run the package in both your development and production environments (such as a VPS) concurrently.

You may not:

  • Utilize the package to establish a cloud-based trading service that competes with Jesse.Trade.
  • Share the software's installation files on the Internet.

License Violation

Should a breach of the license terms be identified, we reserve the right to revoke or terminate your license and cut off your access. Such action will result in the immediate cessation of the software's operation and loss of access to both existing and forthcoming updates.


If you're uncertain whether your intended application complies with our licensing terms, please contact us at [email protected] for clarification.