Referral Program Terms

Please read bellow terms and frequently asked questions before starting with the referral program:

  • While referring Jesse to others, you may not introduce yourself as Jesse.Trade's staff.
  • You may not cheat or manipulate the referral program. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the program.
  • Make sure to enable the two-factor authentication on your account for preventing unauthorized access to your account.

Who can participate in the referral program?

There's currently no limit to who can participate in the referral program. No KYC is required for registration or withdrawal.

How do I get started?

After agreeing to the terms at the below of this page, you'll see your referral link in your dashboard. Copy it and share it with your friends.

You can also add the ?ref=yourRefCode to the end of the links on Jesse.Trade (like homepage: and send them to your friends. After someone visits the link, you will be set as their referral. Once they register (even later), you will see it in the dashboard stats. Once they purchase a license, you'll get the commission added to your balance.

If you are an influencer with an audience on social media, we can make you a custom URL. We might also have offers for you so please reach out to discuss.

What is the commission per sale?

The commission per sale is 20% of the final price. So if the user purchases a license for $1600, you will get a $320 commission. If they have a 50% discount and end up paying $800, you will get a $160 commission.

The sky's the limit. However, we suggest making tutorial articles and videos because they age well. And if they are interesting, we'll share them with the community too.

When do I get paid?

To prevent abuse, you need to have 3 referral sales for the first time to be able to submit withdrawals. Once you do, you'll usually get paid in 12-48 hours. In rare cases, it might take longer for us to process your withdrawal.

What are supported payment methods?

Currently, we pay using the TRC20 USDC coin.

Can I track sales?

Yes. The dashboard stats include records of visits, registrations, and each sale records with your commission. There's full transparency in realtime.