Jesse version 0.46.0 is out

Jesse version 0.46.0 is out

last monthNews By Saleh Mir

The new website has been deployed. However, the strategies page has a few bugs that need fixing, and I also need to add new strategies. This will take a few days. Once it's done, I will send an email listing the changes on the new website.

The main goal of this release was to ensure that your previous sessions are working as expected and to implement a few fixes.

I have hired a new developer to speed up development. Also, I created a Discord channel called "#jobs" for those looking to hire or be hired.

What's New

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a parameter for generating logs in the research backtest function, returning the file path if enabled.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Enhanced candle validation in the research module's get_candles function for clearer error messages.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Introduced warmup_candles parameter in the research module's backtest function for consistent results between research and dashboard backtests.
  • [FIX] Resolved _pickle.UnpicklingError that occurred when loading candles from cache, improving loading times.
  • [FIX] Addressed ssl.SSLEOFError on the Bybit driver due to unexpected WebSocket closures.

Thank you for your patience and support. I'm excited about the new website and upcoming features. Stay tuned for more updates, and best of luck in the upcoming bull market!

— Saleh

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