Share Your Jesse Experience and Win a $1600 License!

Share Your Jesse Experience and Win a $1600 License!

7 months agoNews By Saleh

Hi there!

I greatly appreciate your time and opinions. To express my gratitude for sharing your insights and completing this survey, I'm excited to inform you that your participation automatically enters you into a draw for a free Live Trading Plug-In license, valued at $1600. In case you already own license, I will double your IP limits.

I created the Jesse with the intent to provide the best possible experience. Your feedback plays a huge role in helping me understand how I can further improve Jesse and tailor it to fit your needs.

Please remember: I would need your email address (the one you've registered with us) at the end of this survey to enter you into the prize draw. I assure you, your information will remain confidential and will be used exclusively for this purpose.

Best of luck, and thank you again for your incredible support in shaping the future of Jesse!

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