šŸš€ Jesse Version 0.44.0: Survey Insights, Black Friday Deal, and Significant Updates

šŸš€ Jesse Version 0.44.0: Survey Insights, Black Friday Deal, and Significant Updates

6 months agoā€¢Newsā€¢ By Saleh

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey. Your feedback, both heartwarming and constructively critical, was invaluable, though I noticed the participation was lower than expected. Maybe it's reflective of the current market trend. I found the survey a great way to understand what you, the users, prioritize the most.

Survey Results

I'd like to share the results of the survey, but I feel they deserve their own detailed blog post. Plus, I think it's better to continue the survey for a bit longer to gather more insights. However, I'm excited to announce the winner of the draw right now: yn****[email protected]. I will contact the winner soon.

Black Friday Special šŸ–¤

This Black Friday, grab our live trading plugin for only $599 instead of the usual $1600. This limited-time offer is the lowest price you'll ever see.

What's New

  • [FIXED] Resolved the Stream error received: Internal error, could not fetch data for subscription: v3_accountsUnauthorized error on DYDX.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Enhanced handling of market order submissions on DYDX and Bybit to prevent the The exchange did not respond as expected for order execution error.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgraded the optimize mode's hyperparameters display table to include the DNA, thanks to btagliani.

  • [NEW FEATURE] Reintroduced CSV logging for optimize mode, as shown in this pull request by btagliani.

  • [BREAKING] Changes to the calculation of self.available_margin in backtest and paper trading modes for more realistic margin representation.

Changes to self.available_margin

I've refined the calculation of self.available_margin across live, backtesting, and paper trading modes. The margin is now your balance minus the actual margin used, including leverage. An example: With a $10,000 balance and $2,000 in trades at 2x leverage, your available margin is now $9,000, not the previous $16,000.

For those preferring the old calculation, self.leveraged_available_margin retains the previous method.

What's Next

No more breaking changes are anticipated as we approach the release of Version 1. I'm focused on making it impactful, so the release isn't rushed. I'm also updating our strategies index page to feature real-time metrics and a wider array of strategies.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy trading!

ā€” Saleh

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