Why don't I see the X timeframe in live mode but I see it in backtest mode?

Since version 0.39.0 we changed the default way that candles are handled in the live mode.

In the past, Jesse fetched only 1m candles from the exchange and generated the bigger timeframes (based on your routes) from them.

From now on that option is called "Local Candle Generation" and is disabled on live mode by default. When it is disabled (which is the new default) Jesse will fetch all the candles for all timeframes from the exchange. Of course via both the WebSocket connection and the REST API (as a backup for the WebSocket connection).

Of course you can enable the local candle generation on live mode which allows Jesse to support all the timeframes that it supports in the backtest mode.

The cons and pros

The first change you'll notice is that now when starting a new live session since Jesse no longer needs to download all the 1m candles to generate the bigger timeframes, it starts significantly faster. That difference depends on which types of timeframes you used in your strategies but we're talking about starting in just a few seconds now even when using 1D timeframes.

The limiting thing about this method is that you are limited to using timeframes that are supported by the exchange. If you need to use a timeframe that is not supported by the exchange, you'll have to enable the "local candle generation" option in the settings to use the previous method instead.

Last updated: 2 years ago