What would happen to Jesse if the Saleh stops working on it? Is that even a possibility?

At the moment I have no intention of stopping at any time and so many ideas to implement in the coming months. The first reason of course being that I appreciate supporters of the project, and I continue to do so. But here are more reasons for why I do things from a business aspect of things:

Every work that I do is related to trading somehow and Jesse is the main tool I developed and use for all of it. Which is the first reason reason why I built it in the first place, and keep it updated and constantly add new features. I've been using it for more than 3 years now. So there's no reason for me to stop. Sure there's a possibility (which again I have no plan for) that I slow down the expansion of the project if something changes or to change the price of licenses for new users. But even that won't affect previous members.

I also don't intend to get hired at a hedge fund as a full-time job again either. I already have gone through that path. Although even when I did, I specifically made sure my contract would allow me to keep developing Jesse for the public as well.

If the worst comes and I cannot continue development for any reason (which I see none at the moment), I will open-source the live-trade plugin so others can maintain it. There are other trusted developers with access to source code so even if I die or something they'd be able to do this.

Last updated: 3 years ago