Version 0.49.0: New DEX driver, new indicators, bug fixes, sneak peek at the upcoming dashboard, removing Bitget, and more

Version 0.49.0: New DEX driver, new indicators, bug fixes, sneak peek at the upcoming dashboard, removing Bitget, and more

3 weeks agoNews By Saleh

I'm excited to announce the release of Jesse version 0.49.0, packed with new features, improvements, and fixes. Let's dive in:

What's new

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements thanks to Yakir's PR
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue in backtests where if the order prices are not sorted in the strategy, the order of the execution could have been wrong if multiple orders were to get executed in the same one-minute candle, thanks to Yakir's PR
  • [FIX] Fixed an error message related to candles thanks to Movi's PR
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where attempting to cancel both stop-loss and take-profit orders simultaneously would raise an error, thanks to Yakir's PR
  • [FIX] Fixed the ValueError: could not convert string to float: '' error on Bybit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved handling of logging rejected orders on Binance Futures
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved error handling for some HTTP requests on ByBit driver
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added Apex Pro Perpetual and its testnet for live trading
  • [FIX] Fixed the Illegal characters found in parameter 'price'; legal range is '^([0-9]{1,20})(\.[0-9]{1,20})?$'. error on Binance Spot for coins with prices that have a huge number of decimal places such as SHIB-EUR
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added new indicators based on DavidTech's videos from YouTube: TTMSqueeze, Stiffness, Waddah Attar Explosion, and support_resistance_with_breaks. You can find the documentation for them on our website
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved stddev and macd indicators to support one-dimensional input arrays as an optional replacement for candles, so you can easily use them to create other indicators on top of them

Upcoming v1.0 Dashboard

Here's a sneak peek at the new features of the upcoming dashboard:

  • Tabs and Data Persistence: Tabs and their data are now persistent within the browser, so you can refresh your page without worrying about losing results of backtests, etc
  • Dynamic Tab Names: Tab names now are dynamic and make more sense depending on the content
  • General Settings Page: Added a general settings page with options for clearing the browser cache in the front end of the dashboard and also the database cache in the backend
  • Close Tabs with Middle Click: You can now close tabs by simply clicking the middle button of the mouse on them, which is helpful when you're trying to close multiple tabs quickly
  • Extra Routes Renamed: Extra routes have been renamed to data routes
  • Enter API Keys from Dashboard: You can now enter Exchange API keys from within the dashboard instead of the .env file, which allows you to enter multiple accounts from the same exchange, which is useful for trading with multiple subaccounts
  • Enter Notification API Keys: You can now enter API keys for your notification drivers such as Telegram, Slack, or Discord from within the dashboard instead of the .env file
  • Run Multiple Live Trading Sessions: You can now run multiple live trading sessions simultaneously from within your one single Jesse instance
  • Fast Mode for Backtests: You can now enable fast mode for backtests from within the dashboard
  • Available Margin and Leverage Info: Added "available margin" and leverage info to the live dashboard
  • Market Benchmark in Backtest Results: The backtest results, equity curve can now include the option to display the market benchmark

New DEX driver: Apex Pro

In this release we added the new DEX driver, Apex Pro, which offers similar advantages to DYDX but with better liquidity and support.

To learn more about Apex Pro check out the video I published on YouTube a few days ago.

Removing Bitget

In the upcoming months, I will be removing the Bitget driver. The quality of this exchange has been horrible and not working for us. I don't know any user trading happily there. The API is a mess. I rather spend the time maintaining that driver, creating features that people actually use. If you are trading there and migration to another exchange is not an option for you, please reach out to me to discuss this.

Coinbase driver

The Coinbase driver is in the final testing phase and will be released soon, and after that, we will be integrating

Lifetime License Going Away in 2 Weeks

As I mentioned, everything about the v1 dashboard is in the final testing phase. And I'm just updating the website to make the migration from lifetime into subscription model for premium. So, in case you are interested in the current lifetime model with the 50% discount, you have about 2 weeks to grab it. Here you can read more about the new plans and their limitations.

Thank you guys for your ongoing support and patience during this development process. Let me know if you have any feedback, bug reports, or questions, and I'll address them as soon as possible.

Happy trading!

— Saleh

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