Version 0.39.0 is released with huge improvements, especially to the live trading's candle handling

Version 0.39.0 is released with huge improvements, especially to the live trading's candle handling

2 years agoNews By Saleh

Hey guys,

I finally finished the update I've been working on for quite a while now. This is a huge update for live traders.

What's new?

First things first, here's what's new:

  • [NEW FEATURE] Added The option to NOT generate candles (for timeframes bigger than 1m) locally and instead fetching them from the exchange.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added a new config for choosing between fetching candles for all timeframes from the exchange or generating them locally.
  • [BREAKING] Added timeframe parameter to fetch() method of the import-candle drivers. In case you have developed your own drivers, you should update it accordingly.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved the migration handling. This allows for easier updates in the future and also faster startup time for Jesse as duplicate migrations will not be performed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] By default, when you open the settings page, it will now open the relative section to the page you're in. For example, if you're in the live trading section and click on the settings button, it'll open the live trading section.
  • [FIX] Fixed the KeyError: 'stepSize' error on the Binance Spot driver caused by an unexpected update of Binance's API.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug when calling from the research module. Many thanks to getorca for submitting the PR.

Improved candle handling

As you might already know, so far Jesse fetched only 1m candles from the exchange and generated the bigger timeframes (based on your routes) from them. But now, I added a new method which is enabled by default.

From now, Jesse will fetch all the candles for all timeframes from the exchange. Of course via both the WebSocket connection and the REST API (as a backup for the WebSocket connection).

The cons and pros of this new method

The first change you'll notice is that now when starting a new live session since Jesse no longer needs to download all the 1m candles to generate the bigger timeframes, it starts significantly faster. That difference depends on which types of timeframes you used in your strategies but we're talking about starting in just a few seconds now even when using 1D timeframes.

The limiting thing about this method is that you are limited to using timeframes that are supported by the exchange. If you need to use a timeframe that is not supported by the exchange, you'll have to enable the "local candle generation" option in the settings to use the previous method instead.

Why I did it

In the past, I implemented so many improvements and backup solutions to make sure the data handling is as reliable as possible. But still, occasionally there were reports about cases where the price data the user saw in the chart was different than what they saw in TradingView.

This doesn't always mean that the local data is wrong. There are certain cases where the exchange reports the wrong data and fixes it at a later time! Or vice versa. Or maybe, Jesse's data handling was wrong!

The point is, it's really hard to say for sure. So I decided to implement both methods and let the user choose which one to use.

Youtube tutorial series

In the past few days, I released the second episode of my tutorial series which is about handling candles about algo trading from scratch. In it, I quickly explained how to handle candles and also the concept of warmup candles that Jesse uses which is a bit confusing to newcomers.

In the next episodes, I'll be explaining how strategies work in Jesse. I will explain the overall architecture of it first through flowchart charts, and then I'll write working examples. So make sure to subscribe to the series if you haven't done so already.

Article by Qwpto

If you're on Jesse's Discord community, you probably know the user "Qwpto" who recently released three custom packages for Jesse:

  • Jesse Discord Reporting Library
  • JesseTradingViewLightReport
  • Strategy Break Point Debugging In VSCode

He just wrote an article about his way of strategy development and how their team collaborates together to develop strategies. You can read the article here.

Reminder about TokenBot's free airdrop for Jesse community

TokenBot's token launch seems to have been delayed for a few weeks. Just as a reminder, the free airdrop is still going on. So if you haven't already registered yet, you can do so by filling out this form.

DISCLAIMER: Jesse.Trade IS NOT affiliated with TokenBot. I am simply passing the message about the airdrop to the community. I am also getting airdrop tokens myself for doing so. I am NOT RECOMMENDING anyone to invest in TokenBot's token or any other project. I'm simply suggesting checking their platform and telling you about their free airdrop tokens for our community members.

Happy algo trading,

— Saleh

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