Version 0.28.0 of the main framework and 0.0.12 of the live-trade plugin have been released

Today I released version 0.28.0 of the main framework and version 0.0.12 of the live trade plugin.

This release is about improvements and makings things more stable to run smoother. It also has one little change in the strategy API. Although the majority of you don't have to make any changes to your strategies.

0.28.0 of the main framework

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] on_take_profit() and on_stop_loss() event methods have been removed, and replaced with the on_close_position() method.
  • [Improvement] If the price difference between the current price and order price is significantly small (less than 0.01%) Jesse will use a MARKET order instead of LIMIT or STOP. This probably does not affect your backtests but prevents some communication errors from exchange's side in live trading mode.
  • [Improvement] Replaced crypto_empyrical package with quantstats. This means now the metrics in Jesse's metrics report and Quantstat's HTML reports should be identical.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added smart sortino, smart sharpe, and serenity options for the optimize mode's fitness metric.

0.0.12 of the live trade

  • [FIX] Fixes an issue with trading new assets on FTX Futures
  • [Improvement] Adds clearer validation for the incoming response from Binance Futures
  • [Improvement] Adds support for handling PARTIALLY FILLED orders
  • [Improvement] Improves a few error messages to be more readable
  • [FIX] Fixes the no candles were sent error message that some were facing

Dark mode for documentation

The documentation website received an upgrade lately and now has a dark mode which is useful if you use it.

Happy trading, Saleh