The RC version of the dashboard is released!

The RC version of the dashboard is released!

2 years agoNews By Saleh

The RC version of the dashboard is released!

Today I released the RC version of the dashboard which is the third beta except that it is in fact the RC version. In case you don't know what RC is, it's short for "Release Candidate". Meaning that this release is going to be the initial release of the dashboard if no major bug is found in the coming days.

Until the initial release of the dashboard, I will not be adding new features. Instead, I will be fixing bugs (if there are any) and most importantly, I will be updating the existing documentation, tutorials, and maybe creating a demo video.

As great as the dashboard version has turned out to be so far, it is only the tip of the iceberg. So much more is coming thanks to the GUI which makes room for unlimited possibilities.

I've been using the beta GUI dashboard on my production server for a while now and I'm very happy with the result.

What is new since the second beta:

  • Improved handling of multiprocessing which caused issues with PostgreSQL and the optimization mode
  • Fixed all reported bugs in the optimization mode
  • Added instructions for how to secure a remote server running the dashboard (check out the README of the dashboard)
  • Fixed 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'orders' which was an error rarely occurring on both backtest and live modes
  • You can now use a port number other than the default 9000 to run the dashboard. To use it, set APP_PORT in the .env file
  • Fixes an issue of missing candles on the real-time chart after page refresh
  • Added a "home" page, with links to a few helpful resources, and most importantly, a search box that finds info from Jesse's help center: dashboard-welcome-page
  • The real-time chart in the live mode now displays prices of active orders and the entry price of the position: live-chart-prices
  • Few other minor fixes

When will the initial release of the dashboard be?

It depends on the number of bugs that we find. But most of the major bugs have already been found by either our team or our awesome contributors. So I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that there won't be any.

Therefore, the time-consuming part is going to be updating the documentation, tutorials, and making a short video displaying a demo of the dashboard. I'll give it 1-2 weeks.

Can't wait until the initial release! 🎉

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