The "Live Trade" plugin is open for early access!

The "Live Trade" plugin is open for early access!

3 years agoNews By Saleh

Today I am proud to announce that the long-awaited live trade plugin is available for early access.

Unfortunately, it still isn’t as ready as I wanted it to be but since there were many requests for early access I am releasing it today. For instance, everything that is mentioned on the roadmap for Q2 is what I find essential and wanted it included since the beginning:

  • Support for liquidation mechanism in backtesting and live trade
  • Support for inverse futures contracts
  • GUI dashboard for live trade (the current CLI dashboard is not easy enough for everybody!)
  • Complete support for spot trading

Also, please expect few bugs here and there since this is only version 0.0.1 of the live trade. And make sure to give me feedback so I can improve it faster.

What’s in the box

I already talked about what’s coming both in the near and far future. Here are what’s already included:

  • Live trade mode to execute trades on Binance Futures and its Testnet
  • Paper trade mode
  • Telegram and Discord integration for real-time notifications
  • A configurable real-time CLI dashboard to see your balance, orders, positions, logs, etc.
  • Script for easy installation on Ubuntu VPS
  • Chat & email support
  • Free updates
  • No limit for trading routes, strategies, etc
  • Full privacy of trading records and strategies
  • No warm-up period. It downloads all required warm-up candles at the beginning of the session and skips duplicates as always.
  • Run simultaneously on up to 2 unique IP addresses (one for dev and one for production)
  • My personal best (swing trading) strategy so far, with an average of %100 annual return (it generates +60% return during the - 2018 bear market!). The strategy isn’t exactly packed yet. So you won’t receive it today, but in the coming days for sure. I - just have to add a license, cleanups, etc. And yes, it'll be open-source but licensed for your personal use only.

The installation

The documentation has been updated explaining how the installation and the usage with the current CLI dashboard is.

Is it Open source?

Please notice that you’d still be using the same open-source framework for the most part. Just make sure to update to the latest version.

The parts that are related to live trading are split. Most of them are open-source and included in the framework (and open for edits) and the rest comes with the installation of the live trade plugin package that you download from the website which is close sourced. That is because of license validation. If it is open-source, everyone can just remove the license validation. However, some other part of it includes drivers for exchanges, and that part would be more convenient if it was open-source or at least if it had an API for you to define your desired exchanges in case I haven’t already. I’ll do my best to figure a solution for that part since it is bugging me personally.

What about privacy?

I take privacy very seriously. Your data is in your hands only. You host it, you keep your data. Period.

No logs, exchange keys, or any other kind of config values, strategies, trading records, nothing you own leaves the server/computer that’s running the live trade.

The only thing that is sent to Jesse’s website is your access-token which is responsible for validating the license. You can validate my claim using software like WireShark and track the request for yourself. And from there, the website checks if the access-token and the IP address that requests it are linked to your accounts (which you can register anonymously at).

How much does it cost?

Jesse has grown into a level that no longer is a hobby project and is a very serious trading tool. In fact, you could say it’s an institutional-level trading software as I actually have the experience of using it at two trading firms in the past year. Hence the price of it should be as such. However, I wanted everybody to be able to afford it, especially at the beginning that most customers will be from existing community members who’ve been supporting the project for a long time. So the price that I chose is actually very cheap for what it is worth.

The pricing is simple. It’s a one-time payment for a lifetime license. The initial price is set at $1600. During the early access, there’s a 50% discount which brings it down to only $800 which is below the price of all other bots out there. But there are more ways to get even further discounts:

Further Discounts

I want to thank everybody who contributed to the project so far. Hence, I decided to show my appreciation with special discounts to everybody who contributed even a little. All kinds of contributions get them, the difference is for how much. It’ll be from 1-100%. The discounts apply to those who start contributing from now too, but I’ll give out bigger discount numbers to those who contributed before this moment (without expecting anything in return).

Here are few examples:

  • A PR was submitted to Github. Even if it wasn’t merged. It could be the source code, documentation, etc.
  • A tutorial in an article, or a video. This is highly appreciated. Please reach out to me about the topic.
  • Submitting a profitable strategy that's clean, documented, and simple to read.
  • An issue pointing to a bug. Either submitted to Github or merely posted on Discord or forum.
  • Sharing the word about Jesse on social media.
  • Helping other users with their questions in Discord, forum, etc.
  • And more! Just reach out and we’ll talk.

Wondering which tasks/topics I need help with? Check these two Trello pages for the main framework and tutorial.

What’s next

In the coming days, my main focus is to improve documentation and answer your questions. And fix bugs; because remember that this is the early-access version. There will be bugs for sure.

Next month is going to be a very exciting month. I’ll be working on a brand new dashboard that would make using live trade user-friendlier. I’ll be adding new drivers for new exchanges most likely FTX and ByBit. That of course depends on the demand from you guys.

I hired a web developer a few weeks ago to help me with the website and all other features related to it such as hosting our own data storage for our users for faster access to cleaned data, and a few surprises down the road.

Where to begin?

Head over to the website and register for an account. Go to the license page and you'll be guided from there.

Don't forget to leave me feedback, and happy (algo) trading!

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