Released v0.38.3, the new video by PartTimeLarry, the new tutorial series by Saleh, and free TKB airdrop to Jesse's community

Released v0.38.3, the new video by PartTimeLarry, the new tutorial series by Saleh, and free TKB airdrop to Jesse's community

2 years agoNews By Saleh

Hey guys,

I'm still working on a few bigger tasks that I mentioned in the previous post. Today's release is relatively a smaller one. There are fewer new features in the released version itself. But I have some other news that couldn't wait. So here we are.

First, let's talk about the latest updates. In the past weeks, I released versions 0.38.3 of the main framework and 0.38.2 of the live plugin. These are patch releases so updating is safe and highly recommended.

Here's what's new:

  • [NEW FEATURE] Added support for live trading on Binance US Spot.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved handling of stop orders on Binance Spot to ensure order fills in markets with low liquidity.
  • [FIX] Fixed the {'code': -2011, 'msg': 'Unknown order sent.'} error on Binance Spot driver.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where you could not close the position using update_position() and immediately open a new one in live and paper modes.

Video about Jesse by PartTimeLarry

The PartTimeLarry channel released a new video about Jesse this week. Larry did a wonderful job with the video, in such a short time he explains so many concepts of Jesse.

He even implements a profitable strategy in the video and backtests it.

"Algo trading from scratch" screencast series

In the past few weeks, I've been recording a tutorial series called "Algo trading from scratch". In it, I cover the basics of Jesse and intend to gradually expand into more advanced topics.

I always recommend checking the documentation for newcomers to get started with Jesse. But this video series will probably be the best way to get started from now on.

Here's the short introduction video, and here's the first episode which explains the concept of routes in Jesse.

I am new to creating screencasts. Please let me know about any feedback. Especially about topics you want me to make tutorials about.

TokenBot airdrop to Jesse's community

The team behind the TokenBot project reached out to me offering members of the Jesse community free airdrop tokens for their upcoming token launch.

TokenBot is a tokenized blockchain-enabled network for algorithmic traders. To participate in the free airdrop, you need to fill out this form. The first 500 participants will receive 1000 TKB tokens.

DISCLAIMER: Jesse.Trade IS NOT affiliated with TokenBot. I am simply passing the message about the airdrop to the community. I am also getting airdrop tokens myself for doing so. I am NOT RECOMMENDING anyone to invest in TokenBot's token or any other project. I'm simply suggesting checking their platform and telling you about their free airdrop tokens for our community members.

Happy algo trading,

— Saleh

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