Introducing the strategy index

Introducing the strategy index

3 years agoNews By Saleh Mir

Finding good strategies to learn from, modify, or trade is no easy task. You have to filter through so many just to find a few good ones. My number one goal for Jesse as a whole echo system is to make all parts of trading easier for the community. I am pleased to announce that today I published a new page on our website for hosting strategies. I hope this strategy index page be a good step in that direction.

The higher priority is to host strategies with a good Sharpe Ratio. That means strategies that make the best PNL with the least amount of risk.

Another important goal here is to display useful info about the strategy. I’ve seen many displaying the backtest results in bull markets only. That is of course not acceptable because in a bull market even a buy-and-hold strategy makes money (in fact, it beats most strategies). However, what’s not an easy task is making money in a bear market. Or at least not losing all of your earned profits. For that reason, we’ll be displaying backtest results of both bull and bear markets.

Premium Strategies

At the time of releasing the early-access version of the live trade plugin, I promised to release one of my personal best strategies for all early supporters of Jesse. This strategy will only be accessible for users with a valid license for the live trade plugin and of course, they don’t have to pay anything extra for using it.

I know what you want to know. How is its performance? It’s a trend-following strategy. Meaning that it does well during (both up and down) trends. It did well in the past years even during 2018’s bear market. However, in a ranging market (like what we have been in the past 3 months) it doesn’t perform well. But it also doesn’t lose a lot thanks to a well-implemented position sizing. You can login and check the exact backtest results by yourself to see what I mean.


As you know, I have been offering discounts for the live trade plugin from 1-100% based on the quality and quantity of contributions to Jesse.

One kind of contribution that everybody can take part in is by sharing your strategies with the community. You can submit yours to our example-strategies repository. If its numbers are relatively good, I might add them to the strategies index page too.

It’s worth mentioning that we have hedge funds using Jesse. By sharing your strategies (and mentioning your contact info in the strategy file) you will also get yourself some exposure for getting hired for an algo trading job at trading firms. Just something to remember ;)



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