What kind of support can be expected?

We do our best to make sure that you can get support by simply searching through:

On top of that, users of the "free plan" can expect to get support via the Discord server. Which is maintained by community members (including admins) who are kind enough to help. So please be patient and respectful.

As for premium users, we offer support via email and chat (DMs on Discord), and soon there will be a dedicated ticketing system.

Examples of the kind of support you CAN expect:

  • Installation issues and how to resolve them
  • General questions about whether or not what you need is already a supported feature

Examples of the kind of support you CAN'T expect from our official support:

  • Getting help writing your strategies
  • Debugging your strategies

What if I face an error that looks like a bug?

In that case please submit a report using the report button you'll find on the live trading section's sidebar.

If it's for an exception and the exception error is not clear, you can find the special report button in the exception's error box. By submitting a report that way you can send over the necessary bugs for us to debug. Of course, your strategy will NEVER be sent over.

Last updated: 2 years ago