I keep getting CandleNotFoundInDatabase.

No candle for ... is present in the database. Try importing candles.

This means Jesse couldn't load the required candles from the database. The reasons could be:

  • You actually didn't import candles for that exchange and symbol yet.
  • You have a typo in the symbol.
  • You accidentally connected to the wrong/another database. This might happen if you use the environment variables to set the database configuration.

Not enough candles for ... Try running "jesse import-candles"

In this case, you have candles, but not enough. Here it's important to be aware of the warm-up candles. Jesse automatically loads a certain amount of warm-up candles. These are candles needed for indicator calculations and therefore a backtest or live instance can start right away without a warm-up period.

So to have enough candles for backtests you need to import more past candles than your first backtest date. You can get the amount by multiplying the warmup_candles_num number set in config.py by the biggest timeframe you use in the strategy.

šŸŽ„ It's helpful to watch this tutorial from our Youtube channel about candles, especially the chapter about warmup candles.

There are missing candles between ... => ...

This means the is a gap in the candle data. This can happen if you actually didn't import this period or the exchange itself doesn't provide candle data for this period.

Last updated: 2 years ago