I’m sorry about anyone who lost money on the FTX exchange. I cannot imagine it. It sucks and it shouldn’t have happened especially on an exchange that was thought to be the most regulated crypto exchange. I want to share my thoughts about exchanges for trading, and decentralized exchanges, and also share a few tips on how to stay a little safer in case of this kind of disaster happens in the future.

Our goal as a group of traders is to automate trading strategies in an agile way and to be able to optimize them in the shortest possible time using a reliable system that allows us to deploy them efficiently. The team consists of four people: - 1x Data Scientist / Quant Analyst - 1x Quant Developer - 2x Traders

Tomorrow I’ll be releasing the long-awaited live trade plugin for Jesse which is the last missing piece of the puzzle to turn Jesse into a complete trading bot. I decided to share with you the journey that I went through in the last three years.

The Internet is filled with people trying to sell you bots that they claim will make you thousands of dollars with a click of a button. Will they though?!