Christmas sale, referral program, updates on DEX integration
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a great time with your family and friends. To put it mildly, 2022 was a crazy (bad) year for my personal life, and I think it was for so many others as well. Thank god it's over. ## What's next? I've been working on adding DEX support for weeks now. The first DEX driver coming is...

Black Friday sale for the premium live-trade plugin
Hey guys, I hope you're doing great. I'm offering a **60% black Friday** discount on the lifetime premium license of the live-trade plugin. That makes the price **$640** instead of **$1600**. This is the **lowest price** the plugin will be offered during the year. If you have been waiting for a discount, this is the best time to get it.

My thoughts on FTX, DEX integration for Jesse, and how to limit your exposure to centralized exchanges
I’m sorry about anyone who lost money on the FTX exchange. I cannot imagine it. It sucks and it shouldn’t have happened especially on an exchange that was thought to be the most regulated crypto exchange. I want to share my thoughts about exchanges for trading, and decentralized exchanges, and also share a few tips on how to stay a little safer in case of this kind of disaster happens in the future.

Version 0.41.0 is released, free tier for live trading, Bitget partnership, and more
This is a huge release. It marks a new partnership with Bitget, the current fastest-growing crypto exchange.

Version 0.40.0 is released, bug fixes, improvements, new event handlers, and more
Today I released version `0.40.0` of the framework and the live plugin. This release includes many bug fixes and improvements along with a few new features and two small breaking changes with hopefully doesn't affect most of you. I must mention, the previous release included a huge refactor which turned out to raise some issues. Based on the reports I received from you guys I fixed them and also did some other improvements. There's also a new feature that is helpful for those writing multiple strategies that are related to each other. Here's the summary of what's new:

Version 0.39.0 is released with huge improvements, especially to the live trading's candle handling
Hey guys, I finally finished the update I've been working on for quite a while now. This is a huge update for live traders. ## What's new? First things first, here's what's new:

Community written post: Collaborative strategy development using Jesse
Our goal as a group of traders is to automate trading strategies in an agile way and to be able to optimize them in the shortest possible time using a reliable system that allows us to deploy them efficiently. The team consists of four people: - 1x Data Scientist / Quant Analyst - 1x Quant Developer - 2x Traders

Released v0.38.3, the new video by PartTimeLarry, the new tutorial series by Saleh, and free TKB airdrop to Jesse's community
First, let's talk about the latest updates. In the past weeks, I released versions 0.38.3 of the main framework and 0.38.2 of the live plugin. These are patch releases so updating is safe and highly recommended. Here's what's new:

Version 0.38.0 is released with support for spot trading, new drivers, and many improvements and bug fixes
Today I'm releasing version 0.38.0 of both the framework and the live plugin which brings the long-awaited support for spot trading. Spot trading is a bit tricky. In better words, it's too simple and sometimes too limiting. For example, I like being able to submit both take-profit and stop-loss at the same time for my open positions.

Version 0.37.0 is released, spot trading in backtests, trading other stablecoins in live mode, and more. BREAKING changes included, make sure to read
Today I released version `0.37.0` of the framework and the live plugin. This release brings part 1 of the long-awaited support for spot trading. Part 1 brings support for spot trading in backtesting, and part 2 makes it possible in live trading. It is a bold release as it includes new features and most importantly breaking changes. So reading the changelog of this release and updating instructions is a must.

Version 0.36.0 is released
Today I released version `0.36.0` of the framework and the live plugin. Here's what's new

Version 0.35.0 is released, open-sourced dashboard code, import_candles for the research module, a more reliable candle handling in the live mode, and more
Hey everyone, I just released version `0.35.0` of Jesse and it's a good one! Let's start with the full changelog of this release:

Version 0.34.0 is released. Persistency support, real-time syncing with the exchange, and more!
Hi everyone, Today's release is a big one. But there are no breaking changes to be worried about. I completely refactored the live mode's calculations to be synced in real-time with the exchange. From now on, the live mode uses the information on the exchange instead of calculating it on our own. This is a huge deal because it means:

Version 0.33.0 is released! The research module, awesome-jesse repository, and more!
Hi everyone, Today I released version `0.33.0` of both the main framework and the live plugin. Buckle up, this is a big release! Here's what's new:

Jesse version 0.32.0 is released!
Today I released version `0.32.0` of both the main framework and the live plugin. This release brings several bug fixes, and improvements that I made based on feedback from the community. I **highly recommend updating** your setup to this version as soon as possible.